CTO Acropora tenuis – Teal+blue tip


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This beautiful Tenuis was sourced from a grower in Italy in 2019. The big polyps, teal body, and vibrant royal blue tips make this coral really stand out in any reef aquarium.
This top-down photo really represents the actual color. For any tenuis lover, this is a great piece to add to your collection.

Cut To Order fragment (CTO)
CTO frags are typically 3-4 cm
1-2 weeks of healing time before shipping

100% Aquacultured
Origin: Australia
Aquacultured since 2019

2 in stock

  • Tank Raised frags, no chopped up colonies.
  • Strict quarantine process, 100% pest free.
  • Sustainable frags, locally grown with 100% green energy.
  • Real appearance, no superblue LED’s or photoshop/filters.
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