CTO Acropora millipora – multicolor


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This beautiful Mille was collected as a wild colony from Australia. The greenish hue combined with pink immediately grabbed our attention. After some time and care, this specimen developed in an incredible way.
We keep spotting new colors, a true multicolor Acropora. Under white light this colony displays a beautiful pink with cream/orange tips. Under blue light the real magic happens. Green, orange, pink, yellow. You name it!

Cut To Order fragment (CTO)
CTO frags are typically 3-4 cm
1-2 weeks of healing time before shipping

100% Aquacultured
Origin: Australia
Aquacultured since 2020

1 in stock

  • Tank Raised frags, no chopped up colonies.
  • Strict quarantine process, 100% pest free.
  • Sustainable frags, locally grown with 100% green energy.
  • Real appearance, no superblue LED’s or photoshop/filters.