CTO Acropora tenuis – LR Sky Chase

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A beautiful A. tenuis doesn’t need super blue light to show off its full potential. Our Sky Chase tenuis is a perfect example. Large rounded corallites with hints of pink, green base and blue tips make this tenuis one of the most beatiful specimens in our collection.

Cut To Order fragment (CTO)
CTO frags are typically around ~3 cm
1-2 weeks of healing time before shipping!

100% Aquacultured
Origin: Malaysia
Aquacultured since 2019

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  • CTO Coral: Order in the webshop, the corals will be shipped 1-2 weeks later on appointment.
  • Tank Raised frags, no chopped up colonies.
  • Strict quarantine process, 100% pest free.
  • Sustainable frags, locally grown with 100% green energy.
  • Real appearance, no superblue LED’s or photoshop/filters.