CTO Montipora peltiformis – LR Emerald Hill

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This montipora has been around for quite a while over here in The Netherlands, but that doesn’t make it less special. The golden base and Lila/Purple tips makes it a highlight coral for every reeftank! This Montipora peltiformis will grow as an encrusting coral, but forms vertical, thick branches that grow up.

Score your fragment now if you’re looking for a Montipora with unique color and growthform!

Cut To Order fragment (CTO)
CTO frags are typically around ~3 cm
1-2 weeks of healing time before shipping!

100% Aquacultured
Origin: Unknown
Aquacultured since 2015

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CTO Coral: Order in the webshop, the corals will be shipped 1-2 weeks later on appointment.

  • Tank Raised frags, no chopped up colonies.
  • Strict quarantine process, 100% pest free.
  • Sustainable frags, locally grown with 100% green energy.
  • Real appearance, no superblue LED’s or photoshop/filters.