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Not your ordinary coral store.

All of our corals have been carefully hand-selected, quarantined, and grown out in our aquaculture facilities to make sure you receive the healthiest, aquarium adapted, and sustainable corals available.







We care about our customers.

No wild colonies

All coral fragments we offer are from tank adapted colonies, preferably sourced from other hobbyists before. Therefore the strains are well adapted to aquarium conditions. This means the corals are; easier to grow, easier to color up, and easier to propagate.

Pest free corals

Our strict quarantine process makes sure nothing unwanted enters our broodstock systems. Although quarantine and inspection is a lot of work and effort, we never take any risks. We therefore guarantee our fragments are free of pests and unwanted organisms. What doesn’t enter our facilities also doesn’t end up in your precious reef!

We are sustainable

Our corals don’t have to fly all over the world to get to you, or have to be taken from the wild. Our facilities uses 100% green energy. Also, we keep the environment in mind when packing and shipping our corals.

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