Leonardo’s Reef Laboratories. More than just a coral store.

Here at Leonardo’s Reef Laboratories, we don’t just sell corals. Being Biologists, lecturers and reefkeepers for over 20 years it is our purpose to gain as much knowledge as possible about corals and coral reef ecosystems to take the right actions to help decrease the decline of them. Propagation and research go hand in hand, giving us the ability to contribute to a more sustainable hobby.


First of all, we need to better understand the factors on reproductive cycles, growth, and health better than we do now. That can only be acquired by research. While a lot of research is aimed at corals in their natural environment, a lot of progress can still be made by doing research with corals in mesocosms, for instance in our laboratories. This could greatly increase the progress of hybridization and propagation.


Education is another important aspect. The insights that are acquired thought research could be shared with the reefing/hobbyist community to increase the success of coral husbandry, the scientific community to encourage further research and to students to stimulate the pursuit of a career in coral conservation.
By creating a more sustainable industry, contributing to the preservation of the coral reefs, a positive image can be established and that message can be spread through the general public.

Coral database

By propagating corals and distribute them throughout the community, the import of wild-collected or maricultured corals could be reduced, creating a more sustainable trade. Over time this would create a self-sustaining industry, not depending on natural resources.  

At the same time, a broodstock of corals (with the same genotype) for research is established.
In the future, a large broodstock will function as a living coral database, especially when natural habitats further decline.