Claim and Cancellation Policy

Claims are only possible when Express shipping is possible. If UPS doesn’t provide Express service we cannot give any guarantee.

After the arrival of your order, you have until the end of the day to send an e-mail in the event of a complaint. Use this period to examine the animals received for damage and report any irregularities to us. Complaints should be sent to us in writing using info@leonardosreef.comPlease place the animals in your aquarium and accustom them if necessary. If you are unsure whether a coral has been damaged by transport, place it in the aquarium for a few hours to observe. Many animals are recovering.
In the event of a complaint, please take meaningful pictures of the animal on which the damage can be clearly identified. Photos of cloudy water are not meaningful. Cloudy water is often harmless. Avoid photos with flashing lights. If necessary, take the animal out of the water and take a picture in white light. We reserve the right to request further pictures of the animals or the skeleton (even after a few days in the case of damaged animals). Please keep skeletons (in the case of soft corals, the remaining coral and rock) until we have completed the complaint processing.

Please note; The living arrival guarantee is only valid if the following points have been taken into action:

Delivery address
Check the delivery address you specified in the order confirmation email. We accept no liability if the package cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address. If you would like to change a delivery address before sending the order, please call us at (+31(0) 64-705-2125). We cannot guarantee timely changes by email.

Delayed delivery
If an order is delivered late by the delivery service, the possibility of acceptance must still be guaranteed. Wet or damaged packages must also be accepted in any case. There is always a chance that the animals are still alive and will recover completely. In principle, a complaint is only possible if the consignment has been accepted.

Unsuccessful delivery
If delivery is unsuccessful due to the recipient not being present, please contact UPS or GO! You can find the tracking number in the email with your tracing information. Please have them ready and inform the agent on the phone about the facts and discuss whether the package can either be delivered again or inquire about alternatives, such as collection in a branch of the delivery agent. Should you get stuck or need help you can, of course, contact us.

Refused delivery
We always include your phone number, but there is no guarantee that the deliverers will call. If you are prevented from receiving a delivery spontaneously, leave a note for the driver about an alternative delivery option. See further terms of our guarantee and terms of claims for livestock here.

Notes for All Shipments & Returns

  • Shipping & delivery fees are non-refundable.
  • Please retain all product packaging and tags until you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.
  • Shipping fees may be deducted from the refund.
  • Please open all packages and inspect all items for damage immediately upon arrival.